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Frequently asked questions

There is never one general answer in the lighting industry for a particular need. A lighting plan is therefore tailor-made for your specific situation. In order to fulfill your wishes as best as possible, we always ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • The length, width and ceiling height per room. (floor plan drawing)
  • Insight into the current energy consumption.
  • The correct lux value for the type of work in the room. The lux value indicates the illuminance. In a workshop, for example, the lux value is 300.
  • The LED lighting must have a certain lux value according to official legislation. At Alp Green Solutions we strictly adhere to NEDN-EN 12464-1.

By going through these steps, a very reliable LED lighting plan is created specifically based on your situation. Alp Green Solutions generally uses NEN-EN 12464-1 as the minimum lumen output. This gives you the certainty of saving for years and enjoying optimal light within your shop, office, warehouse or other space. To the top, together!

Defects must always be reported within 10 days after discovery
defect must be reported in writing to ALP.

The Customer must in all cases offer ALP the opportunity to repair any defect. ALP will, at its option, either repair the defect or replace the product within a reasonable period of time. In all cases of problems, we will compensate the customer with compensation or a replacement product. If the Product is no longer available, ALP is entitled to repair the defect with a comparable Product – at the discretion of ALP.

Defects or defects must always be reported by email to within 3 days after discovery. The following information must be included in the notification:

a. Order number, packing slip number or invoice number;
b. Delivery date
c. BS number of product (sticker on/in product);
d. Nature of defect;

You will then receive confirmation of receipt of your defect or defect from ALP and an RMA file
with further instructions.

The conditions that always apply when returning items are:
• the packaging and contents are in their original condition.
• the goods belong to ALP’s stock range.

Alp is the distributor/importer for the supply of products with a green

The products are installed and connected by the customer himself, unless the
The Customer has agreed with Alp that Alp will install and connect the Product.
Where appropriate, these products will also be assembled or installed by Alp or by third parties on behalf of Alp.

In all cases, the status of the work, delivery, assembly, installation, is recorded in advance and confirmed in the order confirmation.

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