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The Expert in LED Lighting

At ALP Green Solutions, you’ll find high-quality LED linear lighting that illuminates your business efficiently and sustainably. Our products, including LED linear lighting, LED panels, and LED fixtures, offer optimal light output and energy efficiency. We provide fast delivery from our central warehouse in Breda and offer free engineering and lighting calculations to ensure you get the perfect lighting solution every time. With a focus on quality and personalized service, we’re here to meet all your lighting needs.

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ALP Easy Fit

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Perfect solution for offices and warehouses

Alp Green Solutions – To the top, together

ALP Green Solutions is a manufacturer of high-quality LED lighting solutions. Quality, personal, customer-oriented and reliable is what we stand for. Making companies sustainable with LED lighting is our goal. In recent years, we have earned our spurs in the industry and grown into a major player in the market. From our central warehouse in Breda, we supply LED line lighting, LED panels, LED luminaires and accessories directly from our own stock to wholesalers throughout the country.

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