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ALP Green Solutions

ALP Green Solutions is a manufacturer of high-quality LED lighting solutions. Quality, personal, customer-oriented and reliable is what we stand for. Making companies sustainable with LED lighting is our goal. In recent years, we have earned our spurs in the industry and grown into a major player in the market. From our central warehouse in Breda, we supply LED line lighting, LED panels, LED luminaires and accessories directly from our own stock to wholesalers throughout the country.

The current market, in which sustainability is more important than ever and time is ticking, requires LED lighting solutions that you can install in no time. With a proactive attitude, sound advice, super-fast lead times and, not unimportantly, high-quality products, we offer what the market demands. Without fuss. What you see is what you get!

Lighting easily determines more than 20% of your energy costs. For homes, this is between 15%-20% and for companies even between 30%-60%.

Almost the entire environmental impact of lighting comes from the electricity needed to light bulbs. The production of low-energy light bulbs and LED lamps does cost a little more energy than that of incandescent lamps, but this does not outweigh the direct savings in electricity consumption.

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